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Let’s Run for Office

Let’s suppose we run for US Congress.  Or the state legislature.

Not being the only person with the same idea, we’ll probably put together a campaign run by professionals.  We’ll have to match the budgets of many opponents during the primary and finally one well-financed opponent on Super Tuesday.

Our attorney says we have financial support from several publicly traded or privately held corporations.

The corporate lawyers have drafted a set of bills and our team is excitedly working on a synthesis of the best ideas.

We have to write our own speeches but they delivered a set of talking points to complete our case.

We’ll submit and promote the bills.  Here is a schedule list of people we will be contacting, some at elegant dinner parties, some working sessions with a university, a caucus or two, some golf, and the vote on the bill itself.

Follow the schedule in detail or next Super Tuesday they will fund only our opponent.


One response to “Let’s Run for Office

  1. geocosmos

    Looking forward to the next entry.

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